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  April 23, 2006

Installation Guidelines Introduction Manhole Connections
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 Installation Considerations


Manhole Connections

Consideration should be given to the project performance specified when selecting manhole connections. When connecting to concrete manholes or inlets grouting the pipe to the manhole or inlet using non-shrink grout provides a soil tight installation. A gasket placed in a pipe corrugation at the approximate center of the manhole or inlet wall will act as a water-stop. This water-stop should provide a silt tight installation. Watertight installations may require flexible rubber connections such as rubber boots, "A-Loks", etc. ADS N-12/SDR- 35 adapters or the smooth exterior ADS manhole adapter pipe should be used with flexible rubber connections.

Insert the ADS N-12/SDR-35 or ADS manhole adapter into the flexible connector using a lubricant as recommended by the manufacturer of the flexible connector. The flexible connector should be sized to the OD of SDR-35 PVC pipe. When connecting to manholes, ensure backfill is placed under the pipe adjacent to the manhole to prevent differential settlement.

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