Before 240z was repainted
Before pic - hood rust
240z before repairs
Before pic - rear deck
Before pic - profile
240z hood primed and ready for paint
Hood primed for paint
240z hood with dents and rust removed
Hood primed for paint 2
240z with fenders sanded to bare metal
Prepping body for paint
240z fender sanded to bare metal
Prepping body for paint 2
240z rust area renived and metal patch welded in
Patching rusted-out area
240z rust area fixed
Another rust patch
240z fenders with bondo
Prepping 240z for paint
240z prepped for paint job
Front end with bondo
240z read deck lid repaired - prepping for paint
Rear hatch being repaired
Above you can see before pictures of this 72 240z body work and paint prep. You can also see a couple pictures of where we removed some rusted out areas and welded in metal patches. On the next page you can see the finished paint and custom stripe. Next page >
• Painted Origianl 240Z Red
• Custom 240Z Door Stripe
• All New Rubber Installed
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