Z alternator wiring

This is showing how to install an internally regulated ZX alternator on a early Z with an external regulator. You only need 2 things, full time power to one of the spade connectors and the ground wire from the idiot light (it's on the gauge) going to the other. Both of these are at the plug-in for the old external regulator. The below pictures show which spade needs which signal and the other shows how I scotch locked the wires with the correct signals to the correct wires going to the alternator at the old regulator plug-in part of the car's harness. Use a test light grounded to the engine to find the full time power and the idiot light (The idiot light will glow when you probe the right wire) then scotch lock those wires to the right color wire going to the alternator. It sounds more complex than it really is once you  know which spade is which and you get a test light out and  find the wires. Other years may have different colors than mine, this car is a 77 280Z. Hope this helps people figure this out.